A girl’s evenings!

There are always two sides of a coin. There are always good and bad of everything. Evenings too. Good and Bad evenings.Except there are times when neither of them occur.

Evenings are meant to be tiring because of all the work a girl has had the entire day.

On a good evening,a quick shower is all we need to cheer us up. And then we would be so active for the rest of the day as though we have had a spa the entire day. And the evening begins by repeatedly thinking the thing that made us this happy. There are “We could have done better” or “That was better” moments in our thoughts. Friends’ texts seem to be very friendly at this moment and we tend to reply everything. We call Mom Dad and be so sweet to everyone even relatives!! Food howsoever bad it is we eat making no complains. We would try new DIYs for face and new hair braids for next morning.Now we start to think “Learn something new for the day” or “Watch something informative”.Now after hitting bed we would start thinking about how to continue to be awesome hereafter. We would think about being nice to people who were bad with us earlier(Inner thought: after all god has given us all these blessings we shouldn’t be bad).We would brush pray and sleep happily.

Flipping the coin to other side,there are these “BAAADDD” evenings.This could be because of many reasons starting from a bad stare from the rickshaw wala or a work trouble. Everything seem to be annoying. Even a dripping tap. Shower doesn’t help. And these days people seem to be more rude and arrogant. Texts seem to be flirty and meaning less. We would get afraid of having some depression disease as Deepika Padukone (now she is alright thankfully!!) or some kinda mental stress problem. Now we start thinking of doing yoga on mornings to be stress free and calm. We would have the thought “Why god Why?? Why all this happen only to me??”.We start to get envious on people who are happy around. Playing a song on phone would become a bad idea because we will hate the songs which we liked earlier. Everything seems to be a bad around us.We hate everyone on TV as well since they are happy and Beautiful. We hit bed hoping to sleep soon to forget all this. But Insomnia plays a good role on these days. It takes its own revenge.Somehow we sleep with a long face and a painful heart.

And there is this third kind. We feel emotionless like a Zombie. All we need is to be alone. Yes “Loneliness” helps us too…



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