Bits talk!!

On a fine day in the world of “Radio waves”,there were streams of bits travelling to reach their destination.

There were many similar faces here and there. “Hello”s and “Hi”s were the most prominent ones. Some bits were happy and quirky. Some looked sad. Some shook hands on the way. Some passed with a sly look.

There was a stream “BOBconnectsJOAN” so young and energetic. They were the hot couple bits in the waves town. They were heading all dressed up to reach the destination with so many “Am so excited” and “Love you so much” streams.

On the way there was a “Base station” and the couple had to fill up gas. They met their old frnd “ALANconnectsANNA“. They were weary and couldn’t smile with all heart.

What’s the matter” exclaimed BOBconnectsJOAN. “Humans are the worst they dont get along well these days” cried ALANconnectsANNA. “They dont let us be together these days. Even if they connect us they give us bad days and its been months like this“..

Our BOBconnectsJOAN couple were puzzled.They came to know that their relationship is not in their hands. They wanted to do something about the situation. They quickly made a decision and got the car from ALANconnectsANNA and drove in the opposite direction.

The bit stream was a little different “I hate you and you are the worst” turned out to be “I love you so much amidst all your imperfections“. There became two relationships stronger one up high in the air and one in the world.

PS: No relationships are perfect. Love the imperfections in each other.



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