12th August 2016,

Jenny’s Garden.


This horrible incident happened two days ago near our Bees hive garden. A young lady named ‘Bubble’ returning from her work was the victim. These sort of incidents repeatedly signify the unawareness of our society on the Fake-ism. This makes it clear that security is a big question mark for our people.

Bubble,32 years old lives near our Bees Hive Garden known as BH. She has two kids of age 2 and 4. She works as a Material Processor in the Honey building in BH. On the way back home,she found a pink flower market all colorful. She marched in and she couldn’t move past it.

The Victim says ‘I wanted to get some honey for the children. On the way i found this pink market. There were many flowers and they were so eye-catchy. All I know is that I entered the place and my legs got caught. I couldn’t move any further. I shouted and none came for help. It was very exhausting that I fell unconscious at some point. I woke up a while ago and saw the entire place dark. I was scared and all I thought was about my children. I thought I was kidnapped and I would never see my kids again. I cried the entire night and there was no rescue for me. I dozed off and woke up again the next morning. That is when I heard a foot step approaching me. Before I could realize,the place I was in collapsed. Kaboom..It twirled in like a whirlpool. I thought it was the end of my life and cried out loud the names of my two kids. But there happened the miracle,my legs were free from the place and I was able to fly.’

It is good that our Bubble managed to escape from this danger. Mr.Wings the Security officer asked people to be cautious on their ways outside the Gardens. He also added its better to keep away from places that look like a meadow filled with flowers.

That’s how ended the newspaper article and of course not in the hand of a human but a butterfly and the victim Bubble was a Butterfly too.

PS: This incident was on the day I was drying my clothes and one among them was my long skirt with floral design.The next day I picked up all my clothes back from the balcony and dusted my skirt before I could fold and there flew a cute little Red Butterfly. Read the story again to connect the dots.



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