Two liners..

  1. Girl on the road became richest.. When she handed her last bread to a dog..
  2. Mask your face with smile.. But Do not fake your face with smile..
  3. Love calorie meter
    Dropped down..

    Because her food calorie intake
    Hiked up..

  4. Love at first sight
    As number of sights of her
  5. He was Blind,
    But He saw all the colors.. When she giggled near him..
  6. Documents were piled up..
    Everything was opened,
    But none was about to be closed.-Divorce office.
  7. She was photographed
    With all smiles and blushes..Cried her heart out loud,On her wedding day..
  8. He bought a fur to keep him warm..But his heart was cold forever since she left.




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