Two liners..

  1. Girl on the road became richest.. When she handed her last bread to a dog..
  2. Mask your face with smile.. But Do not fake your face with smile..
  3. Love calorie meter
    Dropped down..

    Because her food calorie intake
    Hiked up..

  4. Love at first sight
    As number of sights of her
  5. He was Blind,
    But He saw all the colors.. When she giggled near him..
  6. Documents were piled up..
    Everything was opened,
    But none was about to be closed.-Divorce office.
  7. She was photographed
    With all smiles and blushes..Cried her heart out loud,On her wedding day..
  8. He bought a fur to keep him warm..But his heart was cold forever since she left.





12th August 2016,

Jenny’s Garden.


This horrible incident happened two days ago near our Bees hive garden. A young lady named ‘Bubble’ returning from her work was the victim. These sort of incidents repeatedly signify the unawareness of our society on the Fake-ism. This makes it clear that security is a big question mark for our people.

Bubble,32 years old lives near our Bees Hive Garden known as BH. She has two kids of age 2 and 4. She works as a Material Processor in the Honey building in BH. On the way back home,she found a pink flower market all colorful. She marched in and she couldn’t move past it.

The Victim says ‘I wanted to get some honey for the children. On the way i found this pink market. There were many flowers and they were so eye-catchy. All I know is that I entered the place and my legs got caught. I couldn’t move any further. I shouted and none came for help. It was very exhausting that I fell unconscious at some point. I woke up a while ago and saw the entire place dark. I was scared and all I thought was about my children. I thought I was kidnapped and I would never see my kids again. I cried the entire night and there was no rescue for me. I dozed off and woke up again the next morning. That is when I heard a foot step approaching me. Before I could realize,the place I was in collapsed. Kaboom..It twirled in like a whirlpool. I thought it was the end of my life and cried out loud the names of my two kids. But there happened the miracle,my legs were free from the place and I was able to fly.’

It is good that our Bubble managed to escape from this danger. Mr.Wings the Security officer asked people to be cautious on their ways outside the Gardens. He also added its better to keep away from places that look like a meadow filled with flowers.

That’s how ended the newspaper article and of course not in the hand of a human but a butterfly and the victim Bubble was a Butterfly too.

PS: This incident was on the day I was drying my clothes and one among them was my long skirt with floral design.The next day I picked up all my clothes back from the balcony and dusted my skirt before I could fold and there flew a cute little Red Butterfly. Read the story again to connect the dots.


Bits talk!!

On a fine day in the world of “Radio waves”,there were streams of bits travelling to reach their destination.

There were many similar faces here and there. “Hello”s and “Hi”s were the most prominent ones. Some bits were happy and quirky. Some looked sad. Some shook hands on the way. Some passed with a sly look.

There was a stream “BOBconnectsJOAN” so young and energetic. They were the hot couple bits in the waves town. They were heading all dressed up to reach the destination with so many “Am so excited” and “Love you so much” streams.

On the way there was a “Base station” and the couple had to fill up gas. They met their old frnd “ALANconnectsANNA“. They were weary and couldn’t smile with all heart.

What’s the matter” exclaimed BOBconnectsJOAN. “Humans are the worst they dont get along well these days” cried ALANconnectsANNA. “They dont let us be together these days. Even if they connect us they give us bad days and its been months like this“..

Our BOBconnectsJOAN couple were puzzled.They came to know that their relationship is not in their hands. They wanted to do something about the situation. They quickly made a decision and got the car from ALANconnectsANNA and drove in the opposite direction.

The bit stream was a little different “I hate you and you are the worst” turned out to be “I love you so much amidst all your imperfections“. There became two relationships stronger one up high in the air and one in the world.

PS: No relationships are perfect. Love the imperfections in each other.


A girl’s evenings!

There are always two sides of a coin. There are always good and bad of everything. Evenings too. Good and Bad evenings.Except there are times when neither of them occur.

Evenings are meant to be tiring because of all the work a girl has had the entire day.

On a good evening,a quick shower is all we need to cheer us up. And then we would be so active for the rest of the day as though we have had a spa the entire day. And the evening begins by repeatedly thinking the thing that made us this happy. There are “We could have done better” or “That was better” moments in our thoughts. Friends’ texts seem to be very friendly at this moment and we tend to reply everything. We call Mom Dad and be so sweet to everyone even relatives!! Food howsoever bad it is we eat making no complains. We would try new DIYs for face and new hair braids for next morning.Now we start to think “Learn something new for the day” or “Watch something informative”.Now after hitting bed we would start thinking about how to continue to be awesome hereafter. We would think about being nice to people who were bad with us earlier(Inner thought: after all god has given us all these blessings we shouldn’t be bad).We would brush pray and sleep happily.

Flipping the coin to other side,there are these “BAAADDD” evenings.This could be because of many reasons starting from a bad stare from the rickshaw wala or a work trouble. Everything seem to be annoying. Even a dripping tap. Shower doesn’t help. And these days people seem to be more rude and arrogant. Texts seem to be flirty and meaning less. We would get afraid of having some depression disease as Deepika Padukone (now she is alright thankfully!!) or some kinda mental stress problem. Now we start thinking of doing yoga on mornings to be stress free and calm. We would have the thought “Why god Why?? Why all this happen only to me??”.We start to get envious on people who are happy around. Playing a song on phone would become a bad idea because we will hate the songs which we liked earlier. Everything seems to be a bad around us.We hate everyone on TV as well since they are happy and Beautiful. We hit bed hoping to sleep soon to forget all this. But Insomnia plays a good role on these days. It takes its own revenge.Somehow we sleep with a long face and a painful heart.

And there is this third kind. We feel emotionless like a Zombie. All we need is to be alone. Yes “Loneliness” helps us too…



Though time has changed a lot,

Words flow better through a pen.

Though we think of old times as passing clouds,

They are always clouds of fresh drizzle in memories.

Though we groom ourselves to be fab,

The look which innocence gave is always better.

Though we grow up to be independent,

We still feel childish when we call ‘Amma’.